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>Saturday’s workout


I had a nice workout today. It started with the foam roller and a tennis ball to work on some trigger points all over my body. I’ve been spending alot of time on the shoulder since having the shoulder surgery. Remember, haste makes waste. Spend some time rolling over these muscle areas with the foam roller and tennis ball. The extra time that you take rolling out will pay off…Trust me.
After rolling and warming up, I had 10 X 1min/1min intervals followed by 6 X :30/:30 sprints. It was a little tough with the short rest but it felt great after I was done.
After conditioning I did some core work (push up planks) and shoulder rehab work (tubing exercises).

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>My Saturday Morning

>This morning was a little different than most Saturday mornings. My wife and son are away visiting family so my typical morning was not so typical. Today my day started by visiting with Northeastern University strength and conditioning coach Dan Boothby. Dan gave me a tour of their new strength and conditioning facility at their hockey rink. It is a real nice facility and a nice job was done of putting in pieces of equipment that are functional for training athletes. Similar to our facility, functional, sport specific training is important to them and I saw that when I walked through the door.
After that I came to work and trained the track team. We had a great workout. The energy was high and everyone worked hard.
Have a great Halloween everyone. Do not eat too much candy!

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>Precision Nutrition Tip


How To Manage Your Macronutrients
by Dr. John Berardi

Are you more likely to be able to decipher ancient Greek texts than figure out how to construct a diet containing 30% protein, 50% carbohydrate, and 20% fat? Well then check out the following resources.

1- is the National Agriculture Library’s Food and Nutrition Information Center. Here you can find basic information on dietary supplements, an advanced food composition database, information about the food guide, and a listing of interesting resources about special needs, food allergies, etc.

2- is a fantastic resource and although it uses the food database above, may actually offer a better presentation of the food composition data. It doesn’t offer the other information, though.

3- is another great food composition site that offers much more including online diet and fitness journals.

4- offers many of the same resources as but has several excellent additional features such as an online ‘university’ (weekly education about the physiological and behavioral sides of nutrition). The extras cost money but are worth checking into.

This tip is sponsored by Precision Nutrition – our pick for the best nutrition and supplement resource currently available. Containing system manuals, gourmet cookbook, digital audio/video library, online membership, and more, Precision Nutrition will teach you everything you need to know to get the body you want — guaranteed.

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>Lacrosse Strength and Conditioning

Are you a lacrosse player or do you know someone who is? If they are looking to raise their game to the next level in the weight room then I have to let you know about this training manual. I have worked with lacrosse players of all levels including club, college, and national team players and I have been able to help build strength and improve speed and quickness within all of them. I have written down my workouts into this easy to follow 10 week strength and conditioning manual that is now available to you. This is a great way to improve your game when you are off the field.

Included in this manual is the following:

  • Easy to follow workout templates
  • Comprehensive total body warm-up routines
  • Flexibility Training
  • Self Massage techniques with the Foam Roller
  • Speed and Agility workouts
  • Sport Specific Conditioning workouts
  • Strength training specific to the demands of lacrosse
  • Pre and Post testing to measure results
  • Nutrition and Equipment suggestions

If this is the type of training that you are looking for to help improve your performance on the lacrosse field then you must check out this program. With your lacrosse season starting in the spring, you should think about dedicating 10 weeks to training to be in the best shape possible. Remember, 10 weeks to a stronger and better conditioned version of yourself. You can’t afford to wait any longer. You can gain access to this 10 week strength and conditioning manual right here.

Good luck!

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>The Inchworm

>If you are looking for a dynamic movement that will help stretch your hamstrings and lower back try doing the inchworm. I have my athletes do this movement during their warm up.

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>Big brewers battle it out in calorie-cutting –

Are you looking for an alternative to high calorie beers? Well if you are then you are not the only one. Beer companies are going back and forth trying to find the lowest calorie version of your favorite brew. Recently Budweiser has released their latest version which only has 55 calories. I guess the question now is just how low can they go and still keep the taste.

>Dealing with Injuries


As a competitive athlete or an active individual, injuries can occur at any time during activity. Although we try to minimize the chance of injury through sound training practices, there is the chance of injury nonetheless.
If you have an injury you need to make sure you address it and get checked out. The BU Sports Medicine Center is a great place that specializes in sports injuries. They specialize in all types of musculoskeletal and sports injuries for patients of all ages and abilities.

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