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>Vaccinating yourself against body fat

>This week I’ve shared with you two blog posts in which Dr. John Berardi talks about losing body weight (and body fat).
The first one talks about how important incentives are for changing your body. And it goes on to incentivize you with a whopping $40,000 in prize money.

Could The Chance To Win $10,000 Help You Get In Shape?

The second one shows you how to coerce yourself into sticking to the plan, even when the motivation wanes.

Enter “the best kept secret in weight loss.”

Finally, today, I have one last post to share.

In this one, Dr Berardi talks about how you can actually vaccinate yourself against body fat. Hint: it doesn’t involve needles!

Learn how to vaccinate yourself against body fat

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>New Years Resolution


With the end of 2009 approaching faster than an oncoming train, it is time for most of us to begin writing down those dreaded New Years Resolutions.  “Be Nicer,” “Lose Weight,” “Get stronger.”
Well I can not help you with the first one, although some people think that I am a very nice person.  What I can help you with are #2 and #3!  If I told you that I have the answers to help you lose weight and get stronger in only 10 weeks, would you do it?  I would hope so.  I have all the answers in my 10 week training manual called “The Functional Workout Plan.” 
You may be asking what makes my training manual so good?  Well the first thing is that everything is mapped out for you for the next 10 weeks.  I have even included a rest and recovery week in the training scheme.  So over the course of 10 weeks there are 39 planned workouts!  Also included in the manual are pictures and quick “coaching cues” to help you understand the terminology in the program.  I have been training elite athletes for over 15 years and have seen results.  Now I want to share how I get those results with you!  You will be introduced to the same training that I use on my athletes minus some of the weightlifting exercises.  The condititioning is geared to producing the highest rate of fat loss.  All of the conditioning is interval based with shuttles and tempo runs.

If you do the math, the training in this book will cost you less than $0.40 per workout!!  When you consider that having a personal trainer bring you through a workout you could be shelling out anywhere between $60-$100 just for one session,  I am offering you a proven training system for less than what it would cost you to buy a newspaper every day for a month.

  • Detailed warm-up and stretching program (just like the athletes do).
  • 39 Individual Strength Training and Conditioning workouts.
  • Pictures and descriptions of all of the exercises to be done in the program.
  • Descriptions of the conditioning workouts.
  • Pre and Post Testing protocols to measure your improvement!
  • Nutrition and Equipment suggestions too
For less than what it would cost you to buy a fancy coffee drink everyday for a week, you can begin your new training today!
If your New Years Resolution is to have a better body and feel better about yourself, I can provide you with the workouts to get you that better body by the before the start of spring!  So take this oppurtunity and start training!

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>I wanted to take a moment to share some research with you.

Some information reported in a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, “DOES PERFORMANCE OF HANG POWER CLEAN DIFFERENTIATE PERFORMANCE OF JUMPING, SPRINTING, AND CHANGING OF DIRECTION.”  March 2008 – Volume 22 – Issue 2 – pp 412-418.
The primary purpose of this study was to investigate whether the athlete who has high performance in hang power clean, a common weightlifting exercise, has high performances in sprinting, jumping, and changing of direction. 
There were significant correlations between most of, but not all, combinations of performances of hang power clean, jumping, sprinting, maximum strength, and power. Therefore, it seems likely there are underlying strength qualities that are common to the hang power clean, jumping, and sprinting.

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>Merry Christmas

>Enjoy the time with family today and have a very Merry Christmas.  And as Buddy always says…”The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

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>The best kept secret in weight (and fat) loss

>The other day I sent out an email link to a video of Dr John Berardi talking about his two latest programs – Lean Eating For Men and Lean Eating For Women.

Far and away, the most frequent questions had to do with his $40,000 in prize money. $10,000 to the top female winner and $10,000 to the top male winner. Plus, 5k to each of a few runners up.

Click here to check out the blog post announcing this amazing prize:

Now, today, I want to share with you a post covering the flip side of the 10K prize. In other words, if the prize is the carrot, today’s video talks about the stick.

You see, Dr. Berardi’s a coaching expert. In fact, he’s probably the most successful nutrition coach in the health and fitness business.

And after speaking with him, I realized that there’s something powerful to this idea.

You see, the biggest transformations – body transformations or otherwise – are accomplished when people have big incentives.

And I’d say 10 thousand bucks qualifies as a big incentive all right. But big inspiring goals also need some potential punishment.

Or, some risk.

And in today’s video, Dr Berardi shows you how to coerce yourself into sticking to the plan, even when the motivation wanes.

Enter “the best kept secret in weight loss.”

So, if you’re REALLY interested in changing your body and you’d like a little extra incentive for doing so, this is definitely a program you need to check out.

Again, this message is time sensitive. From what I hear there are A LOT of people clamoring to get in on the program.

So check out these posts below. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Could The Chance To Win $10,000 Help You Get In Shape?

The Best Kept Secret In Weight Loss

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>Pedometers Help with Weight Loss Programs

>According to an article that I read on Core Performance recently, wearing a pedometer while you walk can help you lose weight even without changing your diet, according to a University of Michigan Health System analysis of nine studies.
Pedometers Help with Weight Loss Programs | Live Better | Core Daily | Core Performance other day I was out shopping and stopped by the Apple store for a couple of minutes to be amazed by these gadgets otherwise known as iPods.  It seems like every year and every model there is something added onto them to make them better.  One thing that I did not realize was a feature on the Nano was a pedometer!  Well, hopefully you will be able to get one from your loved one or for your loved one in the coming days so you will be able put those headphones on and get walking!

>Getting ready for 2010


There are 10 days left in the lovely year of 2009.  For me, the year was went by in what felt like a blink of an eye.  In 11 days the world will be filled with New Years resolutions.

“I want to lose weight”
“I want to quit smoking”
“I want to get in better shape”

We all know those resolutions and often times those resolutions come and go.  Some are successful and some are not.
This year I plan on making my resolutions with a little different slant.  This year, I am going to put deadlines on my resolutions and I encourage you to do the same.  Instead of just saying…”Beginning in 2010, I am going on a diet…” change it to something like, “Beginning on January 2nd I am starting new workout routine.  My goal is to be down “x” pounds by February 2nd.”
Or how about goal setting towards an event?  Are there any events/races/etc that you would like to train for that are being held on a specific day?  That way you know exactly when you have to be ready.
Try putting an end date on your resolutions this time around and see how much better you are at sticking to your plans.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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