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>MBSC Winter Seminar


Yesterday I was able to go the 4th annual MBSC Winter seminar to listen to some great presentations.  First up was Brijesh Patel, strength and conditioning coach at Quinnapiac.  The title of his presentation was “It’s Not All About the Sets and Reps.” It was a great presentation.  He discussed how he trains his athletes in the weight room by creating an atmosphere of success and competition.  By creating competitions within the workouts, he is able to challenge his athletes on reaching their goals. 
Next up was John Pallof, a physical therapist from the Worcester area.  His program was on “Training the Shoulder – Mobility to Stability.”  He gave a excellent and informative presentation on the shoulder, specifically discussing how to train the shoulder properly to help avoid injuries.
The third presenter of the day was the man responsible for the seminar, Michael Boyle.  His presentation was titled “ACL Injury Prevention is Just Good Training.”  Michael talked about injury prevention and injury reduction.  It was reaffirming to hear about the “good training” in his presentation because it is similar to the way that I design my programs as well.  It was another solid program.
The final speaker of the day was Eric Cressey, and he spoke on the topic “Medicine Ball Meat and Potatoes.”  Eric’s presentation was great as well.  He spoke of how to implement medicine ball training into your program and gave many examples of different exercises and stretches that can be done in a training program that will help enhance performance. 
Using the day to “sharpen my saw” for professional development, I was happy to be able sit in and listen to the presentions of these experts.  Needless to say, my notebook was filled by the end of the day!

Thank you to Michael Boyle, Bob Hanson and the rest of the staff at MBSC for putting on a tremendous program.  I look forward to next year’s event.

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>Exercise of the Day – Slideboard Reverse Lunge


One of the benefits to single leg training is that you can create a great range of motion during the exercise that may be difficult to reach during a traditional squat.  Notice the ROM at the hip and knee of the front leg.  By going through this range of motion, you will notice that you have to recruit your glutes more.  If you are interested in trying this exercise, I would suggest beginning conservatively with 2 sets of 8-10 reps each leg.  As you advance in your strength development, you can also change the resistance by switching to one dumbbell or kettlebell opposite of the front leg.  Opposite loading will recruit your glutes even more!

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>The Lowdown on Sweeteners- Men’s Fitness


My friend, MaryEllen Bingham, a nutritionist down in New York City forwarded me this article, The Lowdown on Sweeteners- Men’s Fitness  I’m sure that most of us have used these sweeteners at some point for everything from coffee to cooking.  This article discusses the different sweeteners on the market and gives the low down on everything from the natural to the artificial.  I guess the bottom line, as with anything out there, is make sure you enjoy your sweetener in moderation.  Thanks MaryEllen!

>Exercise of the Day – DB Snatch


If you are looking for a great exercise to improve your strength and power, check out the DB Snatch.  This is a great exercise not only for the fact that it helps improve power but you can improve your upperbody strength independently as well.  If you are trying this exercise I would suggest performing 2-3 sets of 5 repetitions each arm.

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>Strength and Conditioning for Women’s Lacrosse


If you want to get QUICKER, STRONGER and FASTER on the field, then you need to get to the next level in the weight room too. I have worked with lacrosse players of all levels including high school, club, college, and national team players and I have been able to help build strength and improve speed and quickness within all of them.

Some of the athletes who have followed this program

Sarah Dalton
US Lacrosse Development Team
3 Time IWLCA All-American
Tewaaraton Award Nominee
2 Time America East Conference Player of the Year
3 Time All-Conference
Career Record Holder in Goals (247) and Points (284)
Former Boston University Terrier

Kelly Munroe
US Lacrosse Development Team
IWLCA All-American
National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) All-American
America East Conference Tournament Most Outstanding Player
Former Boston University Terrier

Lindsay Lewis
Former member of US Lacrosse Development Team
2 Time IWLCA All-American
4 Time All-Conference
Former Boston University Terrier
And many others…

I have written down my workouts into an easy to follow 10 week strength and conditioning manual that is now available to you. This is a great way to improve your game when you are off the field.

Included in this manual is the following:
  • Easy to follow workout templates
  • Comprehensive total body warm-up routines
  • Flexibility Training
  • Self Massage techniques with the Foam Roller
  • Speed and Agility workouts
  • Sport Specific Conditioning workouts
  • Strength training specific to the demands of lacrosse
  • Pre and Post testing to measure results
  • Nutrition and Equipment suggestions
  • Over 100 pages of information

If this is the type of training that you are looking for to help improve your performance on the field then you must check out this program.

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>Got Milk? Try Chocolate After Your Workout


After you’re workout, are you worried that you aren’t getting the most out of your recovery because you don’t have one of those expensive nutrition shakes?  Take a minute to read the article link above.  All you may be missing is a simple bottle of chocolate milk.
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>Did you make it past the 18th?

>The other day I was reading the newspaper…it was online, but it was still the online version of the newspaper.  Well, anyway, I was reading this article that was talking about the significance of January 18th.  Do you know what that day is?  Well, according to the article, January 18th is the most depressing day of the year.  Why?  Because it is the day that typically the majority of the new years resolutions have stopped or have been broken.  I hope that you do not fall into that category.  2010 has been great so far on my end.  It hasn’t been easy but nothing worth while is or should be easy.  And THAT is what has made it great!
So I hope that you have been able to make it past the 18th and I hope that you can continue on with your resolutions.  Good luck and keep training!

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