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>Medicine Ball Circuit


Chest Pass x 20
1 arm Put x 10 ea
Standing Side Throws x 10 ea.
SLAMS x 10
It was a challenge.

>Eating that fish isn’t always healthy…


Ciguatera poisoning… you may have heard of it but probably, like myself, said “cigua-what?”  Its actually a real conditioning that happens to people after they have eaten contaminated fish.  You hear of people getting sick from eating seafood yet it is often chalked up to simple food poison.  Well, I’m here to let you know of a more defined poisoning named Ciguatera poisoning.

So what exactly is Ciguatera poisoning.  According Medline Plus, the poisonous ingredient is ciguatoxin. This is a poison made in small amounts by certain algae and algae-like organisms called dinoflagellates. Small fish that eat the algae become contaminated. If larger fish eat a lot of the smaller, contaminated fish, the poison can build up to a dangerous level, which can make you sick if you eat the fish. Unfortunately, Ciguatoxin is “heat-stable.” That means it doesn’t matter how well you cook your fish, if the fish is contaminated, you will become poisoned.

MSNBC reported that the malady afflicts at least 50,000 people a year worldwide — and the real number may be 100 times that many.  In the continental U.S., reported cases have been rare, typically confined to tourists who become ill after returning home from tropical vacations or to fishermen sickened by their own deep-sea catches.  Recently, however, worries about the illness increased after it cropped up in unexpected places. In 2007, 10 people in St. Louis who ate imported fish at two restaurants were sickened with ciguatera. Last year, several unspecified outbreaks of ciguatera linked to grouper and amberjack compelled the federal Food and Drug Administration to expand guidelines warning about the risk of ciguatera in fish caught in the northern Gulf of Mexico. 

According to a Medline Plus article, Ciguatera poisoning symptoms can occur anywhere from 2 to 12 hours after eating the fish. They include:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea (severe and watery)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Shortly after these symptoms develop, you will start to have strange sensations, which may include:

  • A feeling that your teeth are loose and about to fall out
  • Confusing hot and cold temperatures (for instance, you will feel that an ice cube is burning you, while a match is freezing your skin)
  • Headache (probably the most common)
  • Low heart rate and low blood pressure (in very severe cases)
  • Metallic taste in the mouth

Finally, with the increase in global warming and pollution to our waters, some scientists believe that ciguatera, a warmer water condition, can be moving north to the once colder waters.  I do not tell you this to make you stop eating fish, I am telling you this to inform you the next time you are deciding which fish to eat.

For more information on Ciguatera poisoning, check out these two articles that I used for references writing this post:

Medline Plus Article

MSNBC Article

>Weekly Recap

>Because the summer is actually a busy time for me, I want to make sure that I get in at the very least a weekly recap of the Game Fit happenings to keep you updated.

First, the second week of my summer program concluded with a lot of positive feedback.  Although the program is a 4 week training block, I also have a 2 week option that many people sign up primarily due to an overcommitment to other activities and tough travel schedules.  The pressure is on this group though because starting on week 3 they won’t have me there to hold them accountable on their workouts.  Good luck!  But as they were leaving the facility at the end of the week, they all said that the workouts were great and that they learned a tremendous amount of what they can do.  Keep up the great work.  As for the rest of the group coming in for week 3 and 4…I look forward to challenging you even more in the upcoming weeks.

Also this week, I was able to welcome back a couple of my former athletes from BU…now Game Fit members…to the weight room for a visit and a couple of workouts.  David and Jordan, a couple of my former track and field athletes came in to workout and visit.  Actually David did more visiting than working out based on his rest time between sets, but I’m sure you get the point.  Seriously though, it really makes me feel great when former athletes want to come back not only want to workout but to visit too. 

Recently, I read a blog post by Mike Robertson talking about the “Art of Communication.”  The reason that I mention this post to you is because as coaches we have to be effective communicators in order to get the most out of our athletes.  To have your athletes believe in what they are doing and ultimately believe in what you are doing for them is extremely important in helping them achieve success.  And when they believe, you can rest assured that you’ve been effective in your approach.

Finally, as we all have busy schedules with summer upon us…cookouts, vacations, etc…it is important to remember that following good nutrition during these events is not that hard.  As many of you know, I am a big fan and follower of John Berardi and his Precision Nutrition system.  Well, in his system he has what he calls his “10 Habits” for good nutrition.  They are simple but straight to the point habits which are not hard to follow but, if you do follow them, I can promise you that you will see results.  As I wrap up here, I am going to leave you with a couple of habits that you can begin to follow:

#1  When did you last eat? 

If its been longer than 4 hours then you have not helped your cause.  You should be feeding yourself every 2-4 hours in order to achieve success.

#2  Where is the complete protein? 

Make sure every time you have a meal or a snack that it includes some sort of protein.  You should be trying to have at least 1 serving every meal.

#3  Where are your veggies? 

Just to make sure people aren’t thinking that this is a high protein diet…make sure that you are having at least 1 but more like 2-3 servings of veggies at each meal.

As I mentioned, they are simple but they are important. 

Enjoy your weekend and stay fit.

>Exercise alone is not going to cut it…


The picture grabbed your attention, but trust me…that meal will NOT help you make the gains that you are hoping for.  How often have you made the commitment to stick with a workout program only to not have the results that you were hoping for?  You can workout 2…3…4…5 times a week and there is a very good chance that you will not see good results until you also treat your nutritional habits just as seriously as your workout habits.  Recently I wrote a quick post on post workout nutrition.  In that post, I talked about the analogy of working out being the contractor that is coming in to make renovations to your body.  And the post workout shake acts as the “new material” that the contractor has to start building.  Well, what if you were able to give the contractor new material through out the day?  How good would those home renovations look then?  My point is that you need to supply your body with the building blocks to achieve success.  Exercise alone will not cut it.  Just as you would follow a workout program, you may want to think about doing the same with your nutrition.

>The joy of competition


I’m sure that most of you have seen this by now, but I wanted to share it anyway.  It is the post game interview of Nate Robinson and Glen Davis after the Celtics game 4 win the other night over the Lakers.  The thing that I liked the best from this press conference was the pure joy that they had for each other during the game.  As true competitors, ultimately they wanted to and did win.  But when they were “in the moment” it seemed like they were having the time of their lives.  Go Green!

>Exercise Clip – Glute Ham Raise


One of my favorite exercises in the weight room for developing strength in the hamstring and glute is the glute ham raise.  To increase the difficulty of this exercise, you can hold a weight, either a plate of dumbbell, in front of you at chest height.

>Post Workout Nutrition – helping you reach your potential

>I read a great analogy of the importance of your post workout nutrition.  John Berardi talks of exercise as remodeling a home.  True…think about it.  You are exercising to make changes…physical changes.  Well, as a contractor would come in and break down some walls in your house, exercise does the same thing to your muscles.  As with exercise and home repair, its important to complete the remodeling, how could he then build new walls and make those changes without new building materials?  Wait for it…

Post workout nutrition is the building material needed to complete the changes that the contractor wants to make.  You have to remember to feed those hungry muscles…especially after exercise during your “window of oppurtunity” to make major improvements.

So after your workout, remember to make a post workout shake to bring all of those new building materials to the body.