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>Former Terrier now a Tar Heel!


I want to congratulate one of my former athletes, Mary Ellen Bingham, on her recent appointment as Sports Nutritionist/Dietitian for the University of North Carolina.  While she competed at Boston University she was a mainstay in the weight room.  Congrats again Mary Ellen!

>Back from vacation


Getting ready to ride.  Here we go, Pal!

I’m baaaaack!  Last week I was away on vacation with my wife and son.  Spending the week at the beach was a great way to relax and recharge and get ready for the new school year.  Boating, bbq’s, swimming, exercise and even horseback riding were all on the list of things that we did during the week.  All in all it was a good week of family fun.  I even squeezed in my annual round of golf…and I didn’t even lose a ball!  So now that I am back, it’s time to gear up and get ready for an exciting year of great workouts.

>Friday morning wrap-up

>It has been a busy week for me.  And, in fact, it has been a pretty busy summer too.  What I want to do in this mornings post is bring you up to speed with everything that has been going on.  After today I will be heading off for a little vacation to recharge the batteries.

First, yesterday was the last day of my summer workout program for the Game Fit Summer Program.  I think that the summer workouts were great.  The group was enthusiastic and eager to work hard.  Over the course of the summer I not only saw improvements in overall strength and conditioning but I watched everyones technique improve tremendously.  The feedback was great.  All of the athletes said that they felt the workout program was challenging and beneficial.  I look forward to the opportunity to working with them again in the future.

Another big event that has been going on during the summer has been the renovation of the weight room.  It is running smoothly and should be on pace to be finished by the beginning of September.  Once the renovations have been completed, I will be sure to post a tour with pictures.  Stay tune for the updates.

Finally, yesterday was exciting and different too.  I was involved in a photo shoot.  I laugh now as I write that, but it is true.  The news outlet, BU Today, is writing a piece on me as strength and conditioning coach.  I look forward to seeing it and will post a link when it becomes available.

As I wrap this up, I want to let you know that as the summer wraps up, as well as all of my ongoing projects, remember to check in for more frequent updates.  Updates can be found here on the blog.  And remember that you can also follow me on Twitter.  Have a great weekend and get out and GET FIT!

>Everything Basketball


If you are interested in basketball, take a minute to check out a new website called Everything Basketball.  Some of the best minds in strength and conditioning and sports medicine have come together to put up-to-date information on “everything basketball” on the site for you.

>A True Terrier

>Along with Game Fit Performance Training, my “real” job is overseeing the strength and conditioning at Boston University.  For all of you familiar with athletics at BU, there is no mistaken who is in this clip that you are about to see.  This was put together by Jenny Taft, one of my former lacrosse players who recently graduated this past May.  Take a couple of minutes and enjoy the clip.

>Interesting article from the Globe

>One of my friends sent me this article from last week’s Boston Globe on the importance of youth sports in our society. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.  Thanks for sending me the article, Adam.