Monthly Archives: October 2010

>Are you looking to update your core training?

>What kind of exercises are you doing to strengthen your core?  Are you still doing the traditional exercises like crunches?  If those exercises are in your routine, you may be doing more harm than good to your back.  In this article from the NY Times, the author shares a different approach on strengthening your core from back expert Stuart McGill.  An important concept to remember and realize is that core training involves more than simply strengthening your abs.  Proper core training should emphasize all of the major muscles that girdle the spine, including but not concentrating on the abs.

Take a minute to check out the video in the article as well that demonstrates some of McGill’s exercises.

>Choosing a strength and conditioning coach

>I wanted to share an article written by my good friend, and NHL strength and conditioning coach, Sean Skahan from his website  It is a great article directed towards parents on how to successfully choose a strength and conditioning coach for your child.  Sports today have become more and more competitive.  One way to make sure that your child remains competitive is to make sure they are following a sport specific strength and conditioning program.  Sean gives a great list of things to look for when you are “shopping” for that program.  The list is short but important on what to look for when searching for a quality program to follow.  Nice job Sean.

>Thanks to a great teacher and friend


I’m not sure if you had seen the story, but this story ran recently on the local Boston news WBZ tv station on one of my former high school coaches and phys.ed. teachers.  Steve Levine is retiring after 33 years of coaching and teaching at Tewksbury Memorial High School.  As the story shares, he has had a huge influence in the lives of many of his students and athletes.  Congratulations Mr. Levine!  You can catch the entire story here.

>Sharpen your saw!


One of the best ways to continue growing as a strength and conditioning coach and fitness professional is by attending seminars and conferences on a regular basis.  Well, Perform Better has recently released the new schedule of dates for their education series of 1 day seminars and multi-day summits.  As you probably already know, these seminars provide an excellent opportunity for you to grow and learn as well as network with others in the field. 

So as you’re making your plans for the upcoming year, make sure that you make time for some professional growth as well.  See you there.

>Make time for breakfast


We’ve all heard it before and I’m sure that you’ll hear it again too.  If you are looking to optimize your energy levels throughout the day, breakfast is the one meal that you cannot afford to miss.  You’re breakfast should contain protein, fiber and fat.  Check out this article that has some great recipes that you can put together for a quick healthy breakfast.

>What are you going to do today?


Do you realize that only 5% of Americans will participate in some sort of vigorous activity today?  According to a recent poll, Americans preferred to participate in more sedentary activities such as snacking and talking on the phone than participating in some sort of exercise.  It’s time to get off the couch and burn some calories.  Let’s take charge of our fitness levels and get in shape.