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>Happy Thanksgiving


I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  I will be with family and friends remember all that I am thankful for.  Enjoy your day!

>Strong Kids!

>I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  Heck you may have said it yourself at one time or another.  “They’re too young to start strength training.”  Well, I wanted to share an article from the NY Times with some great points from one of my friends, Avery Faigenbaum.

There is new research available out there that actually suggest that weight training can be not only safe for young people, it can also be beneficial, even essential.

This article also points to the importance of strength training to help reduce the risk of injury in sports.  In addition to that, it seems that modern society has created a situation where kids do not get the necessary amount of activity in their daily lives.  Few children, even young athletes, get sufficient activity” to fully strengthen their muscles, tendons and other tissues. “If a kid sits in class or in front of a screen for hours and then you throw them out onto the soccer field or basketball court, they don’t have the tissue strength to withstand the forces involved in their sports. That can contribute to injury.”

Check out the entire article in the NY Times.  Hopefully this can contribute to a healthier and more fit society.

>Paul Rabil talks about the growth of Lacrosse


Check out this NESN interview with Cannons star Paul Rabil.  He is busy doing a clinic but he also talks about the growth of lacrosse through out the country.

>Remember to get your rest


How many of you remember to incorporate a rest period in your training?  You may call it something else…recovery, unloading, de-loading, etc.  But the important thing is to make sure that you have something of the sort in your training program.  The reason for today’s post is because that is just where I am with my off season lacrosse training.  We are in our unloading week now and I can tell you that it is just as important as our heavy training weeks.  In fact, it allows us to attack our heavy training weeks with better intent!
I set up the rest week by decreasing the volume and intensity of the workouts.  Typically, the workouts involve a quick body weight workout followed by moderate conditioning.  The week following the recovery week finds that the workouts are better, the intensity is higher, and the team is focused and ready for the challenges of the next round.
So if you haven’t already incorporated them into your training, remember to add the recovery week into your program.  However, an important point to remember is that the recovery weeks should not out number the workout weeks!!

>He’s got ups!


I’m not sure if you’ve seen this or not.  I had to share this clip just because it was so impressive to see Blake’s dunk.  TWICE!

>Exercise: Do it or Don’t?


You have to check out this article from the NY Times.  A recent study that was in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise reported that some older people simply don’t respond to exercise.  It is an interesting article.  I can tell you that in my personal experience and with all of the younger individuals that I have worked with over the years, I have found that a tailored program has produced positive results.  I would love to hear what your thoughts are…

>It’s Hockey Season!

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Summer has left us and now it is getting colder.  That means people are lacing up the skates and getting on the ice.  Well, if you are a strength and conditioning professional working with hockey players, or if you are a hockey player looking to improve your game, you should check out  This is one of the leading websites dedicated to providing up to date information on training for ice hockey.
There is an arsenal of information that is continuously updated.  This week there is a program by my friend and Anaheim Ducks strength coach Sean Skahan titled, “Pre  Game Warm-up.”  He gives a quick summary of how he warms his guys up before games.  Along with Sean, Mike Boyle and Mike Potenza have also released some great information as well.  If you are looking for some of the best information out there check out