Getting Stronger

Yesterday was another good workout with the legs.  Everyday I am feeling improvements in the strength levels of my lower body.  As I have mentioned to many people during my rehab program, for many years I have been limited with my ROM.  Now with increased motion, I found serious strength deficits at the new points of motion.  It is exciting and frustrating at the same time.  Exciting because of the new motion and frustrating because of the weakness. But the good news is that the strength is improving.  That being said, yesterday’s workout is below:

Bike 10 minutes.  The great thing here is that I have been able to lower the seat, bring the knee through a greater ROM.

Foam Roller and Tiger tail.

BW Squats 3×15. 
Step-ups 3x15ea.  Used a 12in. Box and focused on keeping hips level.
1 leg SLDL 3X15ea.  Used a 20 lb DB.
Hip lifts w/ heels on bench 3×20.  BW exercise that got the hamstrings firing. 

All in all, it was another day of progress.

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