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>Make time for breakfast


We’ve all heard it before and I’m sure that you’ll hear it again too.  If you are looking to optimize your energy levels throughout the day, breakfast is the one meal that you cannot afford to miss.  You’re breakfast should contain protein, fiber and fat.  Check out this article that has some great recipes that you can put together for a quick healthy breakfast.

>Exercise alone is not going to cut it…


The picture grabbed your attention, but trust me…that meal will NOT help you make the gains that you are hoping for.  How often have you made the commitment to stick with a workout program only to not have the results that you were hoping for?  You can workout 2…3…4…5 times a week and there is a very good chance that you will not see good results until you also treat your nutritional habits just as seriously as your workout habits.  Recently I wrote a quick post on post workout nutrition.  In that post, I talked about the analogy of working out being the contractor that is coming in to make renovations to your body.  And the post workout shake acts as the “new material” that the contractor has to start building.  Well, what if you were able to give the contractor new material through out the day?  How good would those home renovations look then?  My point is that you need to supply your body with the building blocks to achieve success.  Exercise alone will not cut it.  Just as you would follow a workout program, you may want to think about doing the same with your nutrition.

>Perform Better 3 Day Summit – Providence Recap – Day 1


I first have to thank Chris Poirier and his staff at Perform Better for putting together one of the best 3 day conventions in my recent memory.  My objective for this recap is to share with you my experience over this past weekend.  Unfortunately, with so many great speakers, and some of them going on at the same time, I was unable to attend every presentation.  However the presentations I did attend were great. 

The summit began on Friday for a full day of presentations.  As soon as I finished working with the basketball team at BU, I jumped in the car and headed south.

So many choices…

To give a general summary of the entire weekend…It was like being a fat kid in a candy store.  Sure, in this day of epidemic obesity levels, the fat kid analogy might not be the most “correct” thing to say but, hey, its true.  If the ideas that were shared at this summit were candy, then I would have walked away about 50 lbs heavier over the three days!  For every strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, physical therapist and athletic trainer who was in attendance during the weekend…you got to sit in on and participate in some GREAT presentations from some of the best leaders in our profession.  I say our profession but seriously, it wasn’t just focused on one profession.  I was lucky to to be able to listen to strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, fascia experts.  I mean seriously everywhere you turned during the weekend, you were able to find something to learn.

As I had said before, with so many great speakers during the weekend, it was not easy to choose which one to see.  So, although I was pleased with my choices, don’t think that I didn’t want to see the other speakers…I just didn’t have enough time.  On Friday, I got to listen to Lee Burton, Al Vermeil, John Berardi, and Thomas Plummer.

First, Lee Burton and the “Fundamentals and Techniques for Core Testing and Assessment.”  Lee did a great job of decyphering and discussing the differences of the inner core and the outer core.  Along with that, he also went into great detail about what the purpose is of the core and how ultimately the result of stability and postural control, along with energy transfer and breathing results in one thing…efficient movement.  If you have a stong core that produces efficiency and symmetry, you will move better.

Next up was Al Vermeil and “Speed: The Secret Weapon.”  What can I say about Al that his rings don’t already say.  Al, who happens to have more World Championship rings than any other coach from the 49ers and the Bulls, knows his stuff.  His philosophy of getting faster and getting stronger is so effective.  As he said when someone asked him, “What did you do with the Bulls that made you so good?”  “We lifted…we got stronger.”  But not only with lifting, he maintained that “you have to keep a thread of speed work in your training at all time to help reduce the incidence of injury.” 

After Al, I went to listen to John Berardi present on “Nutrition and Injury Recovery.”  The information presented here was simply great.  From all the research that he presented during his presentation to wrap it up with the case studies at the end…wow.  To say that the proof is in the pudding would be true…and a little funny because of the nutritional effects of the pudding.

Day one finished with a presentation from Thomas Plummer…”Passion Alone is Never Enough…Lessons from some of the most successful people in the Fitness Industry.”  Sitting there and listening to Thomas speak, his presentation fires you up.  In fact, if you don’t get excited from listening to Tom then you should check your pulse to make sure you have one.  As the title says, passion alone is never enough.  Well, Tom did a great job of talking about the passion of people but the big thing was great in his presentation was when he gave real world examples from the leaders in the fitness industry.  I do not think it was a coincidence that most of those examples were actual presenters and orgranizers for the summit.  Chris, Mike, Alwyn, Gray and others…ALL are leaders in our industry because they are more than just passionate people and coaches…They live the definition of success:  “They live the life they have created.”

As I wrap up my Day one experience, I have just made the decision that I am going to break this up into a 3 post installment.  Otherwise this post would be pages and pages and pages.  That being said…now you’ll have to come back again for my Day 2 and Day 3 experience. 

Again, thank you Chris and all of Perform Better for putting together a great learning experience.

>The Lowdown on Sweeteners- Men’s Fitness


My friend, MaryEllen Bingham, a nutritionist down in New York City forwarded me this article, The Lowdown on Sweeteners- Men’s Fitness  I’m sure that most of us have used these sweeteners at some point for everything from coffee to cooking.  This article discusses the different sweeteners on the market and gives the low down on everything from the natural to the artificial.  I guess the bottom line, as with anything out there, is make sure you enjoy your sweetener in moderation.  Thanks MaryEllen!

>Breakfast…Make time for it!


Did you make sure you had time for breakfast this morning?  One of my favorite conversations with my athletes that have trouble getting the results they are looking for always begins with me saying, “Okay, so tell me what did you have for breakfast this morning.” 

“Uhhh…well…I didn’t have time…”

Stop!  There is always time for breakfast.  No matter what.

This morning I put a couple of eggs in a pot of water…BANG…a couple of minutes later I had part of a great breakfast.  Eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein containing all nine essential amino acids our bodies cannot make on their own. Eggs are also very low in saturated fats and contain no trans fats.

The protein in eggs is of such high quality that it forms the standard against which protein in other foods is rated. This protein gives you lasting healthy energy to do the things you want to do. Although half the egg’s protein is found in the white, almost all of the egg’s nutrients are found in the yolk. So try the whole egg to enjoy the full range of benefits.

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>What did you have for breakfast?

It’s a question that I ask all of my athletes. And surprisingly the answer I get is, “Well, I didn’t have time.” That drives me nuts!
Anyway, I wanted to share what I had for breakfast this morning and on top of that…it was 5 minutes!

1/2 Cup of Oatmeal with some raisens.

The longest part of the meal was boiling the water. So the next time you think you don’t have time to have breakfast, turn on the tea kettle and put some oats in a bowl.


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Precision Nutrition Tip of the Week

When you are grocery shopping, do you take your time to read the labels of the items that you are buying?  Personally, I take my time to walk the aisles and read the information.  Remember, you have to educate yourself on what you are buying to put in your body.  Just because somewhere on the box it says the food is healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that its entirely true.  John Berardi’s new nutrition tip tells you why…

Unhealthy ‘Health Foods’
by Dr. John Berardi

Products that claim to be ‘Cholesterol Free’ and ‘Low in Saturated Fat’ often have the most trans-fatty acids. Unfortunately these are the products that most of the public thinks are ‘healthy.’ Remember, trans fats have absolutely no place in the diet! They’re the only type of fat highly associated with very negative health outcomes.

For more nutrition tips and all around nutrition information, make sure you check out Precision Nutrition