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>Part of the problem…


Part of the problem of why obesity is at an epidemic level may have something to do with the choice of food that some people eat.  Fruit and vegetable intake continues to drop when compared to the recommended intake.  People are choosing chips instead.  Well, that is a problem.  Pick up an apple instead of a bag of chips the next time you want a snack.

>What are you going to do today?


Do you realize that only 5% of Americans will participate in some sort of vigorous activity today?  According to a recent poll, Americans preferred to participate in more sedentary activities such as snacking and talking on the phone than participating in some sort of exercise.  It’s time to get off the couch and burn some calories.  Let’s take charge of our fitness levels and get in shape.

>I’m about to EXPLODE!


Sorry but I just can’t take this anymore.  I woke up this morning and found that ANOTHER area high school has proposed cutting athletic programs in order to fix their financial short fall.  Let me know how you feel about this because I will tell you that every time I read of a school system dropping sports and activities it gets me mad!  Why?  Well let me share some information…This is directly from the CDC website:

American society has become ‘obesogenic,’ characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, nonhealthful foods, and physical inactivity. Policy and environmental change initiatives that make healthy choices in nutrition and physical activity available, affordable, and easy will likely prove most effective in combating obesity.
Participating in physical activity is important for children and teens as it may have beneficial effects not only on body weight, but also on blood pressure and bone strength.  Physically active children are also more likely to remain physically active throughout adolescence and possibly into adulthood.

Children may be spending less time engaged in physical activity during school. Daily participation in school physical education among adolescents dropped 14 percentage points over the last 13 years — from 42% in 1991 to 28% in 2003.  In addition, less than one-third (28%) of high school students meet currently recommended levels of physical activity.

So you see, I’m not making this stuff up.  The CDC…the CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL…is posting this on their website.  We are in an obesity epidemic in our society.  Inactivity for kids is increasing and with cuts to programs, people are making it easier to be inactive.
Every time I listen to a story of a city or town proposing to eliminate their sports program all I see is a nation getting fatter! 

>Join the Fit Generation

>Last night I was reading an article in the recent issue of Parenting magazine that was alarming and enlightening at the same time. Did you realize that 17% of kids between the ages of 2 to 19 are obese? Did you realize that 1/3 of that age group is overweight? One in three kids has a weight problem in this country!!
Wait it gets worse…45% of YOUNG TEENS are diagnosed with ADULT ONSET diabetes.

YOUNG TEENS?…ADULT ONSET?…That’s not right!

A study cited in this article from the journal Young Children found that kids get only 10 to 15 minutes of outdoor playtime each day. Also, if a kid isn’t getting enough exercise by the age of 3, then the chances of them becoming fat or obese is increased.

The rate of childhood obesity has more than tripled over the past decade. Now it is time to focus on the issue and get active. Turn off the tv…turn off the video games and get moving. It can save you and your kids.

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>How sugary drinks have become the target in the fight against obesity – The Boston Globe

>In an alarming article, it was reported that our nation’s obesity level is at an all time high. Scary. One of the biggest culprits may, and probably is, sugary drinks. The article reports that in a 20 oz soda there is approximately 17 tsp of sugar! We need to take responsibility for our actions. From eating to exercise, we have to be accountable. Click below to read the entire article.

How sugary drinks have become the target in the fight against obesity – The Boston Globe

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>Obesity Issues

>It isn’t just exercise that will help with your weight.  You have to be willing to make adjustments to your diet too.  I was reading an article this morning discussing how too many people drink too much soda.  A 20-ounce soft drink – a pretty standard volume these days – contains the equivalent of 17 teaspoons of sugar.

“Sugar-sweetened beverages,’’ Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wrote in April in The New England Journal of Medicine, “may be the single-largest driver of the obesity epidemic.’’

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>Obesity in America

I was listening to the news the other night…I think that it was last Thursday or Friday. On the news came a report that the percent of Americans who are considered obese has reached an alarming 25%! I found an interesting article about how society has changed over the past couple of decades. It is crazy to think that one quarter of the people in this country are fat. Do not let that happen to you. You are too important to become part of that statistic. Focus on daily activity and daily nutrition. These two factors are in the control of everyone. Take time for yourself and focus on getting in shape. If you are already in shape, then focus on staying there! And if you need help, you know where to reach me.