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How to be successful…

I remember reading one of Coach K’s books some years ago that said successful people surround themselves around other people who want to be successful.  Successful people want to keep being pushed to be better in what they do.  It is also important to learn as much as possible from people because it will help you be better in what you do.  That being said, I wanted to share a recent blog post from Mike Boyle.  The post title is called “A day in the Life,” although it could adequately be called “The blue print for success.” 

I’ve been fortunate to know Michael for many years.  He is a friend and mentor.  In fact, I am lucky enough to hold the title, “Mike’s First Intern.”  I’ve learned a lot from Michael over the years and what he writes in this post is true to his form.  These are teaching points that he actually follows, he’s not just writing about them.

And as he writes in his post, the secret to success is…there really is no secret.  Do what you love to do, and do it well.

Do This…

…Pick up any article by Dan John and read some of his insights.  I recently read one of his articles titled, “Four Challenges to Light your Fire!” If you are serious about being in the weight room and serious about seeing results then I suggest giving this article a quick read.  He gives a couple of challenges for you to try in your workouts.  For those out there who think they’ve done it all in the weight room and have no room for improvement…try some of these.  Good luck