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Exercise and Calories…

As I was reading today…“It comes down to simple arithmetic, and you’ve heard it before: Calories in, calories out. You will absolutely, inevitably gain weight if you eat more calories than you expend in basic metabolism – breathing, digesting, sleeping, etc. – plus whatever else you do, such as chasing the kids around, walking, vacuuming, or going to the gym.”

In this article the author was talking about which is more important in their mind: exercise or calorie consumption.  Both areas are important to focus on with regards to health. 

So remember that it is important to see the big picture and address all areas of health and not just one or two areas.  Keep up the good work.

And just another reason to exercise

A recent article in the Boston Globe reports that exercise is better for some heart patients than angioplasty.  Studies have shown heart patients benefit from exercise, and some have shown that it works better than surgical procedures.

“It’s difficult to convince people to exercise instead of having an angioplasty, but it works,’’ said Rainer Hambrecht of Klinikum Links der Weser in Bremen, Germany.

Hambrecht published a study in 2004 that found that nearly 90 percent of heart patients who rode bikes regularly were free of heart problems one year after they started their exercise regimen. Among patients who had an angioplasty instead, only 70 percent were problem-free after a year.

Article of the Day

I’m sure that you’ve read recently, the Time Magazine article on why exercise makes you fat. Well, I have a link to another article from John Berardi giving another look at the problem…and offering some solutions for weight loss. Take a look at it here.