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It’s been a good week

Looking back at my calendar, I noticed that my last update was at the beginning of the week.  This week has been a busy one but a good one too.  My PT has been progressing well.  I had sessions on Monday and Wednesday at the facility, then I had my routine that I do on my own as well.  Yesterday was an unplanned off day but it worked out great because it made today one of my best days yet.

Smart training, smart rehab, smart everything will work together to accomplish many objectives.  My primary objective during this entire knee rehab is to be able to do things that will keep me moving forward.  Doing stupid things will not accomplish that goal.  During my rehab I have been working hard with my therapist and communicating with her everything that I do outside of our sessions in order to have a complete and comprehensive program.  It has been working.  The key to everything that you do is simple:  Train Smart!

Today’s Workout:

Bike 20 minutes (I’m “itching” to let go on the bike but again, I’m also focusing on staying smart.)

Stretch and Foam Roller

Clams 3×20

Step Ups 3×15

Lateral Step Ups 3×15

Jungle Gym Hip Lifts w/ 10 sec hold 3×5

Jungle Gym Leg Curls 3×15

Heel Lifts 3×15

Then I finished with some upper body and a cool down on the bike.  It was a good way to end a very productive week.

Get Fit!

Women’s Lacrosse Training Manual Preview


I wanted to take a minute to share a little preview of the Women’s Lacrosse 10 Week Strength and Conditioning manual with you that I now have available at Game Fit Performance Training.  The complete manual has over 100 pages of valuable information which is designed to help the athlete improve their strength, agility, and fitness for the sport of lacrosse.  Check out the 8 page preview here:  Game Fit Performance Training 10 Week Strength and Conditioning Manual for Women’s Lacrosse

Website Updates

Hi Everyone, I want to take a minute to make you aware of some exciting new updates to the Game Fit Performance website.  First, I wanted to make you aware of the release of my first ebook.  This book is a women’s lacrosse training manual.  The workout is a 10 week program and can be purchased right on my website.  There are other updates too, including a newsletter sign up form as well as an easy to use contact form.

I hope that this makes things easy for you to navigate through.  As always, I welcome feedback.  Stay strong.

Newsletter Preview

I wanted to give you a preview of the September Newsletter.

This upcoming issue is jam packed with exciting stuff.  Nutrition and Training advice and a special interview with Anaheim Ducks Strength Coach, Sean Skahan will fill the pages.  I can hardly wait until its ready to be sent out.  Stay tuned.

Updates Updates Updates…


Well, as you are probably aware by now, you’ve seen the new site of Game Fit Performance Training.  This has been a work in progress behind the scenes.  I wanted to do the work on the website while still being able to give you the most up to date information on my blog as well.  This works out to be the best of both worlds now.  I look forward to still giving you the most up to date information on everything in the field of strength and conditioning while also giving you a place to go for set information.  I hope that you enjoy all of the new improvements.