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It’s been a good week

Looking back at my calendar, I noticed that my last update was at the beginning of the week.  This week has been a busy one but a good one too.  My PT has been progressing well.  I had sessions on Monday and Wednesday at the facility, then I had my routine that I do on my own as well.  Yesterday was an unplanned off day but it worked out great because it made today one of my best days yet.

Smart training, smart rehab, smart everything will work together to accomplish many objectives.  My primary objective during this entire knee rehab is to be able to do things that will keep me moving forward.  Doing stupid things will not accomplish that goal.  During my rehab I have been working hard with my therapist and communicating with her everything that I do outside of our sessions in order to have a complete and comprehensive program.  It has been working.  The key to everything that you do is simple:  Train Smart!

Today’s Workout:

Bike 20 minutes (I’m “itching” to let go on the bike but again, I’m also focusing on staying smart.)

Stretch and Foam Roller

Clams 3×20

Step Ups 3×15

Lateral Step Ups 3×15

Jungle Gym Hip Lifts w/ 10 sec hold 3×5

Jungle Gym Leg Curls 3×15

Heel Lifts 3×15

Then I finished with some upper body and a cool down on the bike.  It was a good way to end a very productive week.

Get Fit!

Moving forward with the expensive knee

Today was another good day at therapy.  It was challenging but it was good.  The range of motion continues to improve from session to session.  During my last measurement, my passive flexion was recorded at 120 degrees.  And as I had mentioned in previous posts, 120 had not been seen in quite a long time.  Along with my continued range of motion stretches, I have continued to work on improving my strength.  Having a new joint is something that I am getting use to.  Bringing the knee through the different motions that it can go through is also something that I am getting used to as well.   That being said, I have started to implement some rotation movements into my rehab repertoire.  All in all, I am happy with how I seem to be improving and I look forward to the continued improvements.

Today’s workout:

Bike Warm-up
Massage and Stretching
Squats 3 x 10
Lunges 3 x 10
Step-ups 3 x 10
Side Step-ups 3 x 10
Step-downs 3 x 10
Balance Work :30 sec rounds

Here’s to an exciting weekend and continued improvements.

Recent article from the Wall Street Journal

I want to thank my friend Paul Connolly of PC Conditioning for sending along this article to me from the Wall Street Journal. It provides some good information regarding joint replacement surgery. I hope you’re able to enjoy the article.